Success Stories
"If you want to improve your life or situation - but you're not sure what you want, what to do next or how to get there - work with Kip." more

Executive Vice President, Interactive Agency Prague, The Czech Republic
  "Coaching with Kip has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself." more

Certified Addictions Counselor
Ashland, OR
"As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I value having someone like Kip on my team." more

Consultant and Business Owner
Philadelphia, PA
  "I've had some of the most significant changes in my life." more

Graphic Designer
Fountain Valley, CA
"Since I've been working with Kip, I've truly accomplished things I never would have thought possible." more

Development Officer, Hospital Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
  "Every area of my life has been positively affected by the changes Kip and I have made." more

C.E.O., - Multimedia Agency
Hermosa Beach, CA
"Using Kip's 3-A's, my perspective on my finances, relationships and business has
shifted and..." more

Image Consultant and Stylist
Las Vegas, NV
  "Plain and simple: It Works!"

Television Producer
Los Angeles, CA
"Kip works with me the way I work - not from some general interpersonal model." more

Licensed Counselor
Cincinnati, OH
  "It has been a great gift to receive coaching from someone who has a genuine interest in
MY life, and who listens." more

Registered Nurse
Orange County, CA
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