Now you can Leverage YOUR Strengths to consistently achieve your most important goals - with the new 6-session coaching programs
If you are like most people, your top strengths have played a key role in the biggest personal successes of your life, career or business. Surprisingly, few people can identify their top strengths. Even fewer people can consciously engage and leverage those strengths to repeat their success consistently. For most people, it is often hit-and-miss. No wonder so many goals and dreams go unfulfilled.
With the 6-Session "Strengths Coaching" programs...
You Will Learn to:   You Will Receive:
1. Identify your top 5 strengths and how to access and engage them
2. Align the appropriate strengths with your current challenge
3. Leverage your top strengths to consistently achieve the results you want
4. Self-Correct when your strengths work against you
  • A complimentary Get Acquainted Session
  • 6 personalized 45-minute coaching sessions by phone
  • An online assessment that identifies YOUR top 5 strengths
  • 10+ pages of assessment results with strategies for    implementation
  • Action steps that leverage your strengths and move you    toward you goals
  • Practical strategies to eliminate roadblocks that sidetrack    your progress
    NEW 6-Session Program! Leverage Your Strengths: Career and Business

    Prioritize your most important career and/or business goals. Identify strategies to leverage your top strengths to achieve them.

    "Leverage Your Strengths: Career/Business" $995 $795
    SAVE $200!
    NEW 6-Session Program! Leverage Your Strengths: Fitness and Well-Being

    Identify steps to achieve optimal fitness and well-being. Design a motivating self-care program that leverages your unique strengths to attain your goals.

    Note: In addition to his expertise as a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Kip is also a Certified Fitness Instructor and Certified Weight Management Consultant, with years of experience in the fitness industry.

    "Leverage Your Strengths: Fitness/Well-Being" $995 $795
    SAVE $200!
    Advanced 6-Session Program! Attract Your Future™ - Today!

    Prerequisite: Completion of either of the above Leverage Your Strengths programs.

    Leverage your strengths with the laws of attraction and invite success into your life!

    Imagine the synergy when you leverage your strengths with the laws of attraction! Kip's proven "Attract Your Future™" program combines your knowledge and experience from Leverage Your Strengths with the spiritual laws of attraction. Includes: 6 personal coaching sessions; the Attract Your Future™ program; an online assessment with complete results; weekly action plans.

    "Advanced Program: Attract Your Future™" $995 $895
    SAVE $100!

    "As I began to apply Kip's formula, amazing things began to happen. The right people and circumstances began showing up in my life just when I needed them. The best possible outcomes to situations have begun to occur. Using Kip's 3-A's, my perspective on my finances, relationships and business has shifted, and opened new possibilities for the life I want to create."

    Sandra Bertagnolli, Image Consultant, Sacramento, CA
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