Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How do I get started?"

A: It's easy. Just click here to schedule a Complimentary Get Acquainted Session. We'll discuss what you would most
  like to achieve-and how professional coaching will get you there.
"Plain and simple: It Works!"
Michael Greenspan, Television Producer
Hollywood, CA

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Q: "What results can I expect?"

A: Whether you choose a 6-session program or a series of individual coaching sessions, your coaching experience is highly
  individualized and geared toward achieving the specific results YOU want in your life, career or business.

We work as a team to clarify your goals and design action steps and strategies that leverage your strengths to get you where
  you want to go. We eliminate "blocks" and "old strategies" that are inconsistent with your goals, and we create a path to
  success that will work best for YOU.
"If you want to improve your life or situation, but you're not sure what you want, what to do next or how to get there-work with Kip. He will help you to organize your thoughts, honestly look at your situation, identify goals and map out a strategic plan for achieving them."
Josh Morgerman, Executive Vice President, Symblaze
Prague, The Czech Republic

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Q: "What is Leverage Your Strengths?"

A: "Leverage Your Strengths" is a 6-session coaching program designed to identify YOUR top strengths and leverage
  them to accelerate achievement of your most important goals.

By leveraging your natural strengths, you experience more success, more quickly - with less struggle and more
  fulfillment. Both your motivation and your performance shift dramatically when you focus on maximizing what you do
  best, rather than trying to "fix" your weaknesses.

More about Leverage Your Strengths
"Since I've been working with Kip, I've truly accomplished things I never would have thought possible."
Angela Bolton, Development Officer, Hospital Foundation
Los Angeles, CA

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Q: "Where do we meet?"

A: Our coaching sessions are conducted over the telephone, so you may call from the convenience of your
  home or office — from anywhere in the world!

Schedule a Get Acquainted Session

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Q: "How long are my sessions -- and how often?"

  A: Our telephone coaching sessions are 45 minutes. If you prefer, you may arrange for longer, or shorter sessions.
  Most clients choose to meet every two weeks, although we can meet more frequently if you desire.
"Kip helps me through his extremely developed intuitiveness and with his ability to see problems. I especially like how he matches his insights to my personal style of operating. He works with me the way I work - not from some general interpersonal model."
Sally Ray, Licensed Counselor
Cincinnati, OH

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Q: "How much does it cost and how do I pay"

A: My rates are listed on the Order Services page.
  You may pay online by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or through a Pay Pal account.
  Payments are processed through Pay Pal, one of the world's largest processors of secure online financial
"Kip helped me lay the groundwork to be able to improve myself in every area of my life."

Sandra Bertagnolli, Image Consultant
Las Vegas, NV

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