Success Stories
Kim Brandon-Watson

Kim Brandon-Watson
Founder and CEO
Hermosa Beach, California

"Every area of my life has been positively affected by the changes Kip and I have made."

Before Coaching:   My business was suffering from low sales. I was afraid I might lose it. I was feeling extremely scared and resigned that this could actually happen.

During Coaching:   Kip helped me look at the situation and list actions I could take to change it. He helped me realize it wasn't just my business that was suffering. In order for my business to improve and for me to begin attracting more sales - I needed to look at my attitude, my fears and the blocks I had created.

Kip just gets right to the heart of the matter quickly and he asks questions that make you think about where you are stuck. He has a powerful way of interacting during our conversations, and we have fun as well. I look forward to speaking with him every week and seeing what possibilities I can create with his help.

Results:   Since I began working with Kip, my attitude towards my business has turned around. I have had positive breakthroughs in my attitude towards my employees, breakthroughs in performance at work and with outside hobbies.

My business is getting back on track financially and I am even having some fun making it happen.

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